“Where are we today”?

Right understanding in individuals?

Are we really working for this ? you will find that we are talking so much about information and skills , but we are ignoring the need of for right understanding, we are ignoring the need to understand happiness correctly. we are ignoring the need to understand and be in relationship.

Prosperity in families ?
We are not able to see that the need for physical facilities is limited and that, we can have more than what we need!we are only talking about how to generate more wealth., Education market is luring individuals to generate as much wealth as possible. We feel proud in declaring the number of billionaires and trillionaires in our society, without ever evaluating weather this is taking us to the state of prosperity!we seem to have forgotten that the need to have wealth is connected with the need to keep the body healthy and use it for the right purpose and not for maximizing accumulation for the purpose of sensory enjoyment. 

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