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InTraders Academic Platform, International Trade Congress is a non-profit academic organization aiming to contribute to the international congress of international trade with the titles of October Congress, May Congress, Academic Journal, Book Chapter and Foreign Market Research.

For Details Pls visit Call For Book Chapter Web.

*We publish Turkish and English International Books. Book Chapter fee is 150 euro and free of charge to our conference participants and who writes blogs to us. For blog details pls check the link.

You may be our editors:

*Single Editor-editorship Fee: 100 Euro, Two editors: co-editorship Fee: 70 euro Three editors: co-editorship Fee:50 Euro  Editorship is free of charge for our bloggers. For blog details pls check the link

Until the end of 2020, We published 3 international books. For archieve pls check the link.

You can contact for cooperation.

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